Croster WHMCS Theme
Advance features
Client area features
Common features
Browser support
Single Page Checkout Order form
Live Color Scheme Builder Build your own unique color scheme by using live color scheme builder.
Fully equipped Page Manager - Fully equipped & modern page manager like WordPress Gutenberg. Simply select the section and configure it, move any section up and down in page, you can create new page or duplicate any existing page easily and publish/unpublish anytime.
Multiple Languages - Create pages and menu items easily in multiple language. Design unique page for each language while can keep same URL.
Multiple Currencies - Sell your plans/packages in multiple currency, Users can select currency like language for entire website.
Multiple Colors & Layouts - Design your own layout with different color schemes for header, footer, navigation bars, sections and pricing tables.
Menu Manager - Multi language advanced menu manager for primary (Mega Menu) and footer navigation with custom css and icon option.
SEO Ready - Inbuilt SEO option in page manager like page Title, Meta Keyword(s), Meta Description, Robots, OG title, OG Description, OG Type and OG Image, Google Rich Snippets, Webmaster tools, Sitemap wizard to configure and build sitemap.xml.
Promotion Banner - Create an offer and set live timer. You can easily control the timer from the admin section and can customise layout and colors.
Cookie Consent - Inbuilt Cookie Consent banner which can enable by single click and can easily customise the layout and colors.
Disqus Comments - Enable/disable Disqus comments easily in announcement and knowledgebase pages.
Dynamic Products & Pricing - Just select the plans, group or tld in section, and let the theme auto collect rest of the things like whmcs order form description and pricing automatically from whmcs products. which means now you do not need to manage pricing, description etc twice. For example, if you ever need to change the price of any products or tlds, just change them in WHMCS products/services and domain pricing. The Croster will auto collect everything from there.
Customizable Sections - Each section has its own inline configuration like in Slider section it has 2 types of sliders and same kind of multiple option available in Domain Search, FAQs, Testimonial, Pricing tables, Simple header, Features listing, call to action and Text editor. More sections to be added in upcoming updates.
Dynamic Announcement -You just need to select the announcement section in page manager and set how many latest announcements want to show in the section and can show in any of page.
and many more...To see more features, videos please visit at our website and Click here for live demo of front end.
Clean and modern layout.
Multiple invoice layouts.
3 Styled sidebars
Client area login page customization with more styles.
Its own clean & unique order form with Single Page Checkout option to boost your sale.
Awesome Login/Logout pages.
Fully supported & customised MarketConnect services pages.
Support Hours Widget
Instant Download.
Single Domain License.
FREE Setup/Installation.
Easy to update.
Latest versions of Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Safari. We do not offer support for outdated browser versions.

Billing Extension for WHMCS Katamaze
Make the billing system of WHMCS complete
Most powerfull billing plugin for whmcs
We designed new billing modes to reduce the number of invoices up to 80% and help you saving 18% on transactions fees.
Monthly invoices and payments
Postpone the issuing of invoices
Turn off billing for fraudulent orders
Simplified renewals with Enhanced Renewals
Issue credit notes, bill overpayments, tax funds
Stop issuing unnecessary invoices
Fully customizable late fees system
Transactions list and credit usage for customers
Snapshot customers and your business's details
Lock invoices and credit notes
Detect billing errors with Warning System
Automatic validation of VAT numbers on VIES
Correct taxation for intra/extra EU and special tax districts
Support for Cookie regulation
Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight Tag
Italian and Slovene electronic invoicing
ABN Lookup for Australian GST, Tax Stamp
WebService and PDF Invoice Archiving to integrate any e-invoicing and accounting software
Cash flow for inflow and outflow operations
Customer Retention to understand why customers leave
Update notice for Changes in Legal Agreements
Low balance notification for customers
Efficient management with built-in bulk actions
Customer-based billing modes
Invoice payouts to Affiliates with Commission Manager
Conditional text on invoice based on business/location

₹300.00 Setup Fee
One Page Checkout Integration
This integration makes your WHMCS Order Process very attractive and User-friendly. Your customer will able to Search / Register/ Transfer domain, Choose Product, Addons and config options on the Single Page.
Payment Methods are placed at the bottom of this page as well.
1. goo.gl/i4KDNE
2. goo.gl/l1YIGq
Get this integration for your WHMCS within 24 hours.
1. Mockup Design according to your website
2. then Mockup to HTML Conversion once your approve it
3. Integrate into One Page checkout using our pre-build functions and files.
Samples are
The process of Development

cPanel Extended For WHMCS
Automate the provisioning of web hosting accounts and equip your customers with a diverse array of tools for their extensive management right inside your WHMCS
compatible with WHMCS 8
With installation guide
Free configuration
Without any account limitation
No refund feature
Version 3.13.0

Plesk Extended For WHMCS
Provision customized web hosting accounts through WHMCS in an automated way and allow your clients to remotely manage their FTP accounts, install applications and more.
compatible with WHMCS 8
With installation guide
Free configuration
Without any account limitation
No refund feature
Version 3.5.1

₹100.00 Setup Fee
Lagom WHMCS Theme + Addons
Lagom WHMCS Client Theme 2.1.4
✅ Lagom_Email_Template_1.1.2
✅Module Integration - cPanel Extended by ModulesGarden v2.0.1
✅Module Integration - DigitalOcean Droplets by ModulesGarden
✅Module Integration - Hetzner VPS by ModulesGarden 1.0.1
✅Module Integration - Plesk Extended by ModulesGarden v2.0.2
✅Module Integration - Project Manager v2.0.0
✅Module Integration - Proxmox VPS for WHMCS by ModulesGarden 2.0.1
✅Module Integration - SMS Center by ModulesGarden v1.0.0
✅Module Integration - SupportPal 2.0.0
✅Module Integration - Unban Center by ModulesGarden v1.0.0
✅Module Integration - Vultr VPS by ModulesGarden v1.0.0
✅Module Integration -Domain Reseller by ModulesGarden v1.0.0
✅Unlimited domains
✅100% tested version
✅ No virus or malware
✅ Support PHP 7.4 & 8.1
✅ latest version
✅ Regular Update